Icaros 2.2.4 troobleshooting (smb share with ubuntu 18.04, protrekkr crash, surfing with OWB…)

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This troobleshooting guide could be called “what should i do after installing Icaros 2.2.4 ? how do i make it work with the last ubuntu 2.2.4 ?”

First, let me tell that icaros 2.2.4 is the best version today (November 2018).

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smb share on linux with amiga 1200 and easynet pcmcia eth

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Today an article for freeing your mind : how to share over the network between linux and a real amiga. Networking makes the life so simple !

Note : this article is an improved version of the first one I did in May 2014. This version allowed to be used as is, the SMB conf file allows to share for icaros and a real a1200 at the same time.

You can find an article for sharing over the network between icaros and linux there : http://amiga.thewetmachine.net/en/2014/04/18/icaros-share-over-the-network-between-aros-and-linux/

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share over the network between IcAROS desktop and Ubuntu

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Introduction :


Sharing files over the network is something like an obligation nowadays.

I personnally don’t like Windows, so I won’t speak about this side. I prefer the dark side : linux, especially ubuntu (here 12.04LTS). Anyway, samba is samba, so it should work with every linux distrib.

As we speak about computering @home, we will stay in a VERY SIMPLE config.

So, we have for this example :

– One machine running IcAros 1.5.2-2

– One machine running Ubuntu 12.04LTS

– let’s assume the ubuntu samba server is called “HADES”,

– in a WORKGROUP  called “PHLEGETON”,

– with the IP adress, let’s assume it is “192.168.173“. Ofcourse, you must change this to fit your ones.

– let’s assume the path to share is “/media/data”

– let’s assume the share name will be “styx”

We also have a local user. Let’s assume it is “jess”.

Do you have problems sharing between UBUNTU and ICAROS ? Do you get a strange crash “please insert volume ENV:”, and disk icons disapear after you click on save your network configuration ? You should have a look to this article

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