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A podcast intro released on a real Amiga 1200

A podcast intro released on a real Amiga 1200, only for you. Only Amiga makes us happy like that This podcast is about ecology in Aix-Marseille research laboratory, and advices around responsible computering, for the ones who may be interested. In the same time, I introduce my new Dailymotion channel, because Youtube is quite good,…
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[news] #boycottblackfriday2019 (and cyber monday)

Don’t be a sheep ! – Do not consume when it is told you to do so ! Ofcourse it’s about big shops, not local ones ! We must support local shops all year long ! How to be different ? Here is a short Brut video (in French) : Black Friday – comment faire…
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[ecoresponsibility] Lower the weight of your videos in 5 minutes – go to a more sober internet

A SHIFT guide to to a more sober internet (in french) :

[ecoresponsibility] Have a nice music day – being eco-responsible, stop streaming videos ! you may also….

Happy music day! If you want to stream good music, and stay pretty much in the environment questions, stream audio only, not YT video. 80 % of the world’s bandwidth is used for the video, with an annual evolution of 10 % (that is to say as many CO2 emissions as aviation with faster progression).…
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[CAM tutorials] Put a spectrum analyzer into your video (without After effect) on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Sierra, High Sierra & Mojave

Create an effect of a spectrum analyzer into a video, without After effect that is an expensive software.