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the new sound of electronic pop rock and chip music from Marseille

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electro & chip music composer from Marseille, France. my sound is electro pop rock music intimate and progressive, influenced by Depeche Mode, Steven Wilson, Meteor Show, Massive Attack, Steve Reich, David Whitaker, King Crimson, new wave and chiptunes from 80’s/90’s, the 70’s. multi-instrumentist, composer, interpret.

Discover low tech music :

Download for free “Symphonie Crying Chips” album (5 tracks/20mn)

The other chiptunes music / chip music and the protracker modules

L’album fragile en préparation :

Pour écouter d’autres morceaux :

my discography

The other songs (theatre, electro-rock, pop, punk-rock) here

Eco responsible musician

A guy on the social networks said me : “How to be ecological when I play an E minor ?“. We just have to take consciousness that we are big consumers of social networks, transports, make up, energy, and hardwares. Then you can try to enhance your imprint. This is very simple, you just have to begin !

What does it give to be eco-responsible ?

  1. it enhance your public image
  2. it enhance your audience
  3. you enhance security of your communication tools
  4. (then) you enhance your GDPR conformity

Here to think about the ecological inprint of our musician activity

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