New sound of Electro Low-Tech, Protracker & Chiptunes from Marseille

In short about me:

i’m jess the wet machine, music composer from Marseille, France. my sound is electro pop rock music intimate and progressive, influenced by Depeche Mode, Steven Wilson, Meteor Show, Massive Attack, Steve Reich, David Whitaker, King Crimson, new wave and chiptunes from 80’s/90’s, the 70’s… multi-instrumentist, composer, interpret. I work on mixes and mastering for local bands on Marseille (Parking Shell), and sound making for theatre bands (Manifeste Rien).


here for the the interview (fr)


music & sound making for Manifeste Rien in Le Théàtre Vitez, Aix en provence, 2000

music & sound making for Manifeste Rien in Le Théâtre Vitez, Aix en provence, 2000

degoreland rehearsals in 1999

Decanis studios concert in 2003 with Debruyss band

Vendetta rehearsals in 2014

My style :

it’s electronical, sometimes cold / it rocks and glistches, but, now, it’s getting warmer / it’s having a look on our human condition, using the eyes of a machine / it’s buzzing / it’s craking / it floats in the eathereal areas of some electronic dreams / on the razor edge, at the frontier between psychic equilibrium and sickness melancholy, where rhythmic deconstruction is the rule / it is … the wet machine mechanics.

Fast BIO

  • Mars 2019 Obtention de la certification “Green IT” données par “le Club Green IT” la référence française dans le domaine de l’éco conception. Je cherche donc depuis à fournir des outils de communication éco responsable, et j’écris des articles donnant quelques conseils écolo.
  • Décembre 2018 sortie de l’album Crying Chips Symphony: la Symphonie Crying Chips à écouter ici
  • Since January 2019  Working on the original sound track of the game “Road Kill – Asphalt Legacy”, remake on Amiga of a CPC “shoot them up” game
  • December 2018 release date of the Album “Crying Chips Symphony” Listen to the Crying Chips Symphony album here
  • 2018 i’m working on an electronical symphony called “Crying Chips”, in 4 tracks only (personal decision), using old hardware like an Amiga 1200 (30 years old computer), in order to keep this creation far from planned obsolescence
  • since the begining of 2017  working in collaboration with other artists to make an electro pop rock intimistic album, that will certainly be called “Fragile”, in honor of mother Earth
  • 2017-08 released the single “tu es si fragile” download the “Tu es si fragile” for free here
  • 2016-12 and 2017-01 Released 2 protracker modules 12/2016 and 01/2017 as a new year celebration for all amiga users.
  • 2012 – March 2017 betatester for icaros desktop. Testing and promoting the icaros platform, which is the *best Amiga NG* available
  • 2014 – en 2016 writing of a lot of technical articles around the amiga platform discover amiga platform here
  • 2014 drumming in “vendeta”
  • 09/2011-07/2013 drummer in a pop/rock band called “debruyss”
  • 2009 – 2011 work on personal music projects, released “the machines and us” songs listen to my electro pop rock songs here
  • 10/2008 my first own solo album “Economia Second : complaintes cybernétiques”
  • 2005 – 2006 drummer in “avec les doigts” rock band
  • 2000 – 2002 musician and sound-maker for theatre in the band “Manifeste Rien”
  • 1996 – 1999 drummer in the rock band “Degoreland”

Some references :


Theatre company “Manifeste Rien”, I made the music and sounds for


Some Amiga References

On exotica.org

I’m listed in the credits there

Credited here, as swapper, packmaker and ANSI artist (at the time in HERETIA) as UFO/IDK

My music on the web

Digital happiness has been used in Batteman “’19 new year podcast”(at the end) : there

Direct link to the podcast there

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