[low tech / amiga protracker modules / chip music]

New sound of Electro Low-Tech, Protracker & Chiptunes from Marseille

You like Amiga’s Protracker modules, 8 bits music, Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, experimental electro and rock music, but also things like Archive, Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson, … so you will certainly like my songs below.

If you are on an Amiga, or any obsolete system, you can download on this page special LOFI mp3 versions of my tracks exported just for you !

Crying Chips Symphony

orchestral chip music released in December 2018

free to listen and download.

Entirely made on a real Amiga 1200, mix/mastering on open source softwares. This album follow an ethics, far from the race to the power and the managed obsolescence.

Composed under Protracker.

Download it for FREE on jamendo (mp3)

To download the original Protracker modules (.mod, lha), click here

economia second – complaintes cybernétiques (2008, electro) album

4 titles chip music EP, released in 2008

FREE to listen and download

It tells the history of an anthropomorphic machine that born, love, cry and die, showing us our own nature, and the one of this world that we made, for ourselves, mechanical.

composed under Renoise, but the first title composed on an Amiga under digibooster pro.

composition, samples, recordings and mastering by Jess & the Wet Machine

Download the album for FREE (4 titles EP) here

“Unreleased songs” tracks of the album “economia second – complaintes cybernétiques” (2008)


Contemplative and experimental electro music. Entirely released on an Amiga 4000 and Digibooster Pro.


Soft and calm. Entirely released on an Amiga 4000 and Digibooster Pro.