smb share on linux with amiga 1200 and easynet pcmcia eth

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smb share on linux with amiga 1200 and easynet pcmcia eth

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Today an article for freeing your mind : how to share over the network between linux and a real amiga. Networking makes the life so simple !

Note : this article is an improved version of the first one I did in May 2014. This version allowed to be used as is, the SMB conf file allows to share for icaros and a real a1200 at the same time.

You can find an article for sharing over the network between icaros and linux there :


The best way to surf the network, download programs, … today with an amiga 1200 classic is its original case, is buying an easynet pcmcia card :

For me network is better than sharing usb keys, or connecting the internal CF card to a slot on your PC (that you still can do ofcourse).

The problem

Samba allows to share over the network with all systems : windows, linux, macintoshes, amiga … But the password encryption of the SMBv2, that is the standard now, is not understood by amiga smb stacks.

So, with normal smb configuration : guest not allowed, normal password…, you get this behavior :

The SMB stack (amiga side) ask twice for the password of the share, and get to an error like (hades is the name of my linux computer) :

socket access from hades denied! access denied!

it seems that linux password encryption is coming into play there. I tried to use “encrypt password = no” in smb.conf, but i got the same error, AND the smb connection did not work anymore on both AROS and linux side.

The solution

Please, show me your support registering below to my website, and then access to all the articles, and the free downloads.

Click save, then connect. You should now have your samba filesystem on the workbench. Enjoy !

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