New sound of Electro Low-Tech, Protracker & Chiptunes from Marseille

You like Amiga’s Protracker modules, 8 bits music, Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, experimental electro and rock music, but also things like Archive, Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson, … so you will certainly like my songs below.

If you are on an Amiga, or any obsolete system, you can download on this page special LOFI mp3 versions of my tracks exported just for you !

my first rock band “Degoreland”

punk rock band live record, 1991

From a text of Buckowsky, Voice : Jérémy Beschon, guitar : Stéphane Glaviano, Basse : Alain, drums : Jess the wet machine.

EP album “Le pire de Degoreland”, 2018

You can listen it and download it for free there : http://jamen.do/l/175751 Me : on drums, Steve on guitar, Alain on bass, Jeremy on voice compilation by Steve of Happy Familly, of the quite bad songs of my first punk / rock band, which takes the best records from 90’s, in live, in rehearsals, etc… bad sound, but, hey, it’s punk, french musette, rock, with a very great ambiance, for an uncompromising punk album. A piece of the music history of Marseille’s underground music of the 90’s. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BAD SOUND ! it’s mainly rehearsal records on old tapes that are 20 years old ! a successfull kickstarter in Feb 2018 Click here for the description of the kickstarter NEW 2018 10 04 A review from a french magazine here: Click here for the wrticle on Nawakculture french website