janus-uae blank (gray) screen under icaros desktop

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janus-uae blank (gray) screen under icaros desktop

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You are trying to launch janus-uae, like trying to configure Amibridge (like in this coherency guide : Janus-uae coherency guide), and janus-uae window stays gray / blank, it’s impossible to close the janus-uae window, and the “quit” button of the janus-uae configuration window does nothing ?

janus-uae and cli (iconX) windows get stuck


The solution is below, every article is for me a big work, so show me your support in registering. You will then be able to access all the tutorials, and all the downloads !

Relaunch janus-uae, tadaaaa !

et voilà, janus-uae fonctionne enfin, merci qui ?

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