janus-uae blank (gray) screen under icaros desktop

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You are trying to launch janus-uae, like trying to configure Amibridge (like in this coherency guide : Janus-uae coherency guide), and janus-uae window stays gray / blank, it’s impossible to close the janus-uae window, and the “quit” button of the janus-uae configuration window does nothing ?

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icaros desktop – Janus-uae coherency guide

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This applies to all version of Icaros starting from 1.5.2

What is coherency ?

Cohenrency is a mode that exists only in Janus-UAE. It allows opening UAE windows directly on the top of Wanderer, as if they were normal programs, and not emulated. So the emulation is almost transparent for the user.

Janus-UAE tip&tricks :

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icaros desktop native installation advices, bios and grub parameters

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This applies to versions :
  • icaros 1.5.2
  • icaros 2.0
  • icaros 2.0.1
  • icaros 2.1
  • icaros 2.1.1
  • icaros 2.1.2
  • icaros 2.1.3
There is not point using older versions.

Links to refer to :



This thread is *important* :  Icaros Desktop 2.0 caveats and work-arounds

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