icaros desktop – Amibridge – Janus-uae coherency guide

This applies to all version of Icaros starting from 1.5.2

What is coherency ?

Cohenrency is a mode that exists only in Janus-UAE. It allows opening UAE windows directly on the top of Wanderer, as if they were normal programs, and not emulated. So the emulation is almost transparent for the user.

Janus-UAE tip&tricks :

Read this first : https://sourceforge.net/projects/janus-uae/files/janus-uae/janus-uae%20v1.4/ (download and extract the archive, it contains a “coherency guide” to help understanding and configuring janus-uae as a service for icaros).

Coherency mode, when 68k runs transparently on top of Wanderer

  • First : you must “integrate Amiga Forever”, or at least integrate sys, work and rom directory.
  • Second : after the copy script you need to launch “Screenmode” from the Amibridge menu. It opens a window with amiga os running, with screenmode prefs program. You must choose the same resolution than your wanderer.
  • Get out, close iconX window.
  • If janus-uae stays blank (gray), read this article : janus-uae windows stays blank
  • Third : you launch “Workbench”. You’ll see your amiga emulated window having a weird position… You must : ctrl-alt-j to open janus-uae parameters window. Click “Stop”.
  • In “Display”, choose “full screen”, “correct aspect”, and select an “Aros screen resolution” which is the same as your wanderer. Click Start.
  • In the emulated Workbench file menu, unclick “backdrop”. Make the Workbench Window containing only the disks icons, then “snapshot all”.
  • Fourth : ctrl-alt-j to open janus-uae parameters window again. In integration, put “coherency” on “enabled”. The Amiga OS 3 windows should appear in top of Wanderer.
  • Fifth : If you are happy with it, you can now make it permanent.

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  • Close janus-uae, and re-run it.


Enjoy !

Do not :

  • Choose to launch Amibridge at startup, it often crashes…


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