icaros desktop native installation advices, bios and grub parameters, list of articles

  1. Computer & hardware choices
  2. BIOS settings
  3. Install processes choices
  4. Grub parameters
  5. List of articles

Computer & hardwares choices

Icaros should work on most computers in VESA modes, but vesa mode are sloooow. It’s adviced to have a supported graphic card for the best Icaros experience. Anyway, SATA operations must be modified in BIOS and USB3 won’t work. You must choose / build a computer in taking care of the hardware compatibility. Refer to this page for more informations :


  • Personnally I have : GMA945 in an old Dell optiplex GX520 Desktop, A DELL Optiplex 755 with an nvidia Quadro380, Soundblaster Audigy II, network RTL8169.

My icaros box here

I do not recommend nvidia GeForce 980 “like” gfx cards they are too hot !

You already have your computer ? Niiiiiice !

BIOS parameters & hardwares choices :

In BIOS modify the SATA operation to
or to
I have an old 80Gb 5400rpm SATA disk. Don’t forget icaros can’t manage disks that are bigger than 120Gb.

Install choices :

Wipe disk
I do this the first time. It creates a new Partition table. You must have chosen the right size for SYS: and WORK: no choice needed. Personnally, I think 8Gb for SYS is quite enough. After the reboot, when you launch “install Aros” again.
Do not use Work partition (for the moment)
  • make a full install on SYS only, then change Myworkspace: assigns manually, cause there are sometimes issues on assigns if you choose to “Use Work: partition” but don’t “Format” it.

GRUB parameters :

According to this thread :


The ata.device and ahci.device (ata and ahci/sata native devices) don’t work properly and certainly will crash for most users. To get rid of this you must edit “SYS:Arc/pc/grub/grub.cfg” file and replace the line
module /Devs/ata.device
module /Devs/alt/ata.device
to load the alternative ata device. Delete the line
modules /Devs/ahci.device
modify the first line replacing
save and reboot. All should be fine now.

Other articles, parameters, troubleshoots, tips&tricks :

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Installation advices (grub, hardware choices, bios…)

General advices (SMB, OWB surf, some troubleshooting)

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Archives (old articles)

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Links to refer to :


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