DIY : change the ubuntu boot and grub logos of llinux for the boing ball amiga logo

  1. How to do without plymouth themes ?
  2. What are the good pictures resolutions ?
  3. I give you my own logo boing ball pictures
On 16.04LTS, we can not use the old ways with plymouth manager softwares. We now need to change the logo by hands.

This does this

mon DIY A4000 émulé démarre très vite !
Watch this video on YouTube.
i use an extention wich protect your privacy

OS preparation

Install the gimp

sudo apt-get install gimp

the gimp is installing, with all the dependencies

Install plymouth-themes

sudo apt-get install plymouth-themes

plymouth-themes are installing…

your tutorial is below. It’s a huge amount of time and work to write thoses tutos, please show me your support in subscribing.

tadaaa !



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