Amicloud howto, review and links – when the cloud comes to AROS, icaros desktop, and amiga OS3.9 classic (and all others : windows/linux/mac/morphos/aos4…)

What is Amicloud, and why use it ?

Hi, today an article on Amicloud.

Amicloud is like dropbox, google drive, owncloud… is it a “cloud” solution.

Many people say that “there is no cloud, but only another people’s computer”. They are half right.

There is not only a server, but also a client software which runs in the background, allowing the server and the client to synchronize without the user to do anything.

In the past, we had to copy the file on a USB key (or even a d7 🙂 ), and transfer it to the other computer. If we make a change on the file, we had to copy it back to the first computer. To share the file in order to work on it with other peoples, we had to send it by mail (or email), wait for the other to send it back… It was not very handy (but we did it anyway, i’m not saying we couldn’t work !).

This is what is called a cloud : you just have to copy a file in a place, this file appears automatically on all the computers where the client has been installed on. And you can share them with other peoples just by sending a web address.

Cloud system is so handy that I have installed owncloud at my job for customers to use it, and this is a success : whatever peripheral you use : phone, tablet, computer, macintosh, windows, … you have your files everywhere you need them.

Now, Amicloud bring this to Amiga and related OS (MorphOS, AROS, Amiga OS 68K). It is FANTASTIC !

It is not a free tool, but it is worth the price (very low, in my opinion).

Purchasing it :

get to ( )

Choose your formula on the left. I prefered to get only AEROS Plus, because I’m only interested in testing Amicloud for the moment. Click on “subscribe”.

The different purchase formulas :
  • AEROS Plus : 1€ monthly for 1 year (12€/year). One paiement, you get 5 Gb and an activation code for every OS type you wish.
  • AEROS + Amicloud Pro : 5€ monthly  for 1 year. One paiement, and you get 25Gb and an activation code for every OS type you wish.
  • with Patreon ( : patreon applies taxes only once (if compared to Paypal), so the programers get a little bit more money (i haven’t tried this solution)
  • You can purchase every client once (without monthly fees) : i haven’t tried this

You are redirected to the paypal shop for ARES. Choose your paiement formula, and do it.

I personally decided to use paypal

Everything’s OK. paiement is monthly for the AEROS Plus formula. 1€ is not much !


Preparing the sync drawer on AROS :

We must create a new drawer to prepare the syncing place


I create it with an icon.

Downloading on AROS

New account creation (only once) :

Account creation : you click on the little pencil and enter your username and password (that will be your account)

you must type your password again

you must provide the email address you have given when purchasing Amicloud

Each time the program sees that you connect to an account on a new OS type, it ask for a registration. I use voucher codes, because I am on a monthly paiement.

The codes have been sent to me by Pascal Papara. Maybe you will wait for some hours after you purchased the program because everything is managed by hands by Pascal.

So you enter the voucher code that correspond to your OS (here AROS)


Complete the registration on Indie-GO! :

After your account creation, you receive (only once), an email asking for completing your registration. Just click on the link.