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I choosed 2 videos per band, selected by me, to help entering the universe of each artist/band, that i hope I will make you discover some of them. For me, it has always be marvelous journeys, for everyone of them.

Let’s begin with my “progressive rock” playlist, to find there.

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It’s the main band of Mariusz Duda, C’est le groupe principal de Mariusz Duda, Lunatic Soul singer. It’s normal to share about it. Quality reference : they made the first part of Dream Theatre tour in 2007. I really prefer Riverside !

  • Piotr Kozieradzki drums
  • Michał Łapaj keyboards
  • Mariusz Duda vocals, bass

Sound and production are much better than Lunatic Soul.

To know more :

First song : Lef Out. Different parts gets from each one to the next perfectly, the ambiance is delicate, and assymectric measures are there. Mariusz Duda sing very well, with some metal accents sometimes.

Riverside – Left Οut

Second song : “Egoist Hedonist“. After the first notes, we could think that it is going to be a bad 90’s song, but after the third chord, we understand we are going into a chased universe, very smart. Production is top, clear and nostalgic, and then comes … the progressive metal side + jazz rock of Riverside. Absolutely gorgeous.

Riverside – Egoist Hedonist


Swedish progressive metal band that is difficult to put into a case, Steven Wilson production.

To know more :

  • Mikael Åkerfeldt – guitar, vocals
  • Martín Méndez – bass
  • Martin « Axe » Axenrot – drums
  • Fredrik Åkesson – guitar
  • Joakim Svalberg – keyboards

“Damnation” : based on an assymetric measure that give the taste to the song, it’s the first song i’ve heard from this band. I have been astonished by the beauty of the melodies, and the technical qualities of band members.

Opeth – Damnation (Full Album) [2003]

“Sorceress” : Released in Sept 2016, it is the main song of the band. Alternation of calm and lyric parts and aggressive ones, like Genesis (first era) and with flying parts worthy of King Crimson. Very good compo.


The Pineapple Thief

Progressive band from Great Britain. Gavin Harrisson, drummer and personal reference, join them in 2016, this is why i discovered them. They are between rock prog and progressive electro. Very good melodies, emotional and technical qualities.

  • Bruce Soord – vocals, guitars
  • Jon Sykes – bass
  • Steve Kitch – keyboard
  • Gavin Harrison – drums
  • Darran Charles – guitars

To know more :

“The final thing on my mind” : its bass line does something incredible on me. It is not that difficult to play, and just plays the tonality note, but what a sound ! Harmonical progressions are fantastic, and the double voice fills the space with gravity and softness.

The Pineapple Thief – The Final Thing On My Mind

“Simple as That” : released in 2014, we find there the roots of the band. A simpler harmonical song, more rock.

The Pineapple Thief – Simple as That (from Magnolia)



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