Premiere of the album Crying Chips Symphony, 2018 12 15 @ 10am

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5 protracker modules entirely made on a real Amiga 1200, so with contraints like 4 tracks, 8 bits sounds. My Amiga 1200 is more than 20 years old, its processor is a Motorola 68030 at 30MHz, so we are really far from todays’s standards !

You must go on facebook and visit the event page : Album "Crying Chips Symphony" release date, chip music on Amiga


(NDLR Modified on 2018 12 20) : The premiere in video can now be seen there :


press review of the punk rock album “le pire de degoreland”

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Quick Recall : Degoreland was my first punk-rock band, where i was the drummer. We made a kickstarter in January 2018 to make a Compilation CD of the “worst of the best” of this master piece of the Marseille’s underground of this time. By nawakculture magazine, in french. You can read the article there :

kickstarter for the album release of “degoreland le pire 20 ans après” – my first punk band

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Degoreland has been my first try in the world of on scene music (i was already trying electronic music through the amiga scene at that time). Quality french punk with nice poetic texts.

Steve (with the collaboration of all degoreland members) released a compilation of the best songs.

Official released date (if the kickstarter goes ok) : Feb, 17, 2018

Click here to give us : Links to the kickstarter

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