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jess & the wet machine low tech electronic pop rock chip music from Marseille / France - ecoresponsible blogging - alternative computing - amiga, icaros desktop and linux

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If you are on an Amiga, or any obsolete system, you can download on this page special LOFI mp3 versions of my tracks exported just for you !

Incoming EP : tu es si fragile (long version), Août 2017

This album is being created, please stay connected ! texts & production ideas : Syl, music, voices, mix and production : Jess Aetherean electro pop song, influenced Steven Wilson, Massive Attack, and Depeche Mode.

Unreleased electro songs

My work for theatre between 1999 & 2002

texts : Jérémy Beschon, voices/actors : Virginie Aimone & Franck Vrahides, compos/electro : Jess & the wet machine

my first rock band

punk rock band live record, 1991

From a text of Buckowsky, Voice : Jérémy Beschon, guitar : Stéphane Glaviano, Bass : Alain, drums : Jess & the wet machine.

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