[ecoresponsibility] Have a nice music day – being eco-responsible, stop streaming videos ! you may also….

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[ecoresponsibility] Have a nice music day – being eco-responsible, stop streaming videos ! you may also….

Happy music day!

If you want to stream good music, and stay pretty much in the environment questions, stream audio only, not YT video.

80 % of the world’s bandwidth is used for the video, with an annual evolution of 10 % (that is to say as many CO2 emissions as aviation with faster progression).

If we don’t pay attention, in a few years, we could have 20 % of global CO2 emissions due to internet and digital.

Science and numbers :

In this article, we discover how much electricity is used for internet, how it is used, when in the day, and how it evolves year after year. Reading is hard, but it is a story telling :


Informations in short :


In this one, we are told that Netflix uses 15% of the global bandwith (it growed from the time i searched for the first time…), with a list of uses :


Global Video Streaming Traffic Share
HTTP media stream24.4%
Raw MPEG transport stream8.0%
Amazon Prime Video5.7%
Facebook video3.4%
Sky Go0.5%

(In french this one) Vats videos polute more than planes :



Facts are facts, and numbers tell us : we must do our musician job and be an example to others.

Do not stream video today, only audio !

In my concern, i have some playlists on Deezer, you can discover them there : big voices, electro, proggy rock, soft and dark :



It’s difficult for us not to use videos in our field, artistic and cultural. So you may also follow this


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