creating video clips

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creating video clips

Mein göt, how can i realise good video clips for youtube for free ?

I tried iMovie. Good for including a simple picture, if it is a good quality one, we can add transition, titles, and it is very simple to use… without ever making too much videos, in 2 hours it was done. But it is not going very far.

The best would be to use After Effects, but it is very expensive, and asks a lot of time to learn its use.

I musst then find something like it, an after effects like, free and open source, which works under mac os x and linux, because if work on those machines.

I’ve found that :

I’ve also found this very interesting website with advices for video production under linux :

I haven’t tried yet, but i’ll tell you when i will have made my choice. Meanwhile, I must also work on my music !

What i’m searching is the possibility to make the video pulse with the music. If you have an idea…

PS : my first video test there :


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