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my soundcloud profile for all my sounds (rehearsal records, demos, tests, lives…)

MY SOUNDCLOUD : listen all my sounds on my soundcloud profile, there : https://soundcloud.com/oan3

my protracker modules

Protracker modules “crying chips” release date 2017/01/06 CC Attribution Licence. You can use this song, but you must contact me and put my name in the credits. “winds are not enough” release date 2016/12/29 christmas gift and happy new year 2017 for all !

economia – complaintes cybernétiques 2008 (full album + bonus track)

economia – complaintes cybernétiques 2008 free for listen and download. those pieces of music tell about an antropomorphic machine, that born, live, cry and die, and, by the way, tell about the nature of the world we are living in, this world that we made mechanical… like us.

debruyss 2012-2013

debruyss 2012-2013 pop-rock Jean Mi : guitar, Zaz : voice, Jess the wet machine : drums/electronics compos : -New Love : Debruys/Quéquet -FAITH and On the Run : Debruyss/Marty those sounds are rehearsals records, so excuse the bad quality of the sound. at least, there is a soul, that’s the most important !    

avec les doigts 2005-2006

Avec les doigts 2005-2006 rock/metal/electro the third song is an electro/metal experimentation guitars : Dylan drums/electronics : jess

manifeste rien 1999-2003

Manifeste Rien 2000-2002 theatre/experimental theatre band where i used to make the sound background, sound effects and music. cold and sometimes heavy music with the warm voices of the actors, on poetic texts. texts : Jérémy Beschon voices/actors : Virginie Aimone & Franck Vrahides compos/electronics : jess L’Erreur Aigre (la voix de garage enchantée) –…

interview sur ZikPot (19/07/2011)

je copie son contenu (merci au cache de google) ici, car le blog de ZikPot est HS. A noter que mon profil myspace n’existe plus, et que vous pourrez retrouver cette interview à cette adresse lorsque le blog sera rouvert : http://blog.zikpot.fr/?2011/07/19/1756-interview-de-oan3 Comment avez vous connu Zikpot ? Il n’y a pas d’œuvre, et donc par…