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Jess & the wet machine

electro & chip music composer from Marseille, France. my sound is electro pop rock music intimate and progressive, influenced by Depeche Mode, Steven Wilson, Meteor Show, Massive Attack, Steve Reich, David Whitaker, King Crimson, new wave and chiptunes from 80’s/90’s, the 70’s. multi-instrumentist, composer, interpret. I work on mixes and mastering for local bands on Marseille (Parking Shell), and sound making for theatre bands (Manifeste Rien).

YT Playlists

I also maintain in all styles to (re)discover great musics.

my playlists here

Amiga / Icaros tutorials and music

For the ones who don’t know what is an Amiga : it is a computer range from late 90’s, that i still use to make music. I write tutorials and make chip music.

You can discover my amiga modules there

my a1200 here

my icaros box here

my emulated A4000 here

amiga tutorials

icaros tutorials

emulation on linux tutorials

Music tutorials

I make some troobleshooting tutorials (Ableton live, renoise, Fender Fuse…).

Discover the musical tutorials there

Blogging about music

And ofcourse, I blog about everything on music, good vibes, great songs and albums…

The musical blog here

The ethics and ecology of a home studio musician

One guy told me once, on social networks : “how to be ecological when you make a Eb? lol“. It is just a matter of realizing that this is a reality that we are big consumers of hardwares, energy, moves with cars, social networks and internet… and then, it became possible to make our imprint better. It is very simple, the only thing that is necessary is to begin.

Ask yourself how to have a better imprint as home studio musician

Discover my musical universe

Tu es si fragile single

single électro rock, released in August 2017

Listen to the other incoming songs here

tu es si fragile version longue (2017) par Jess The Wet Machine
Watch this video on YouTube.
i use an extention wich protect your privacy

Crying Chip Symphony – 20 min Chiptunes

made on an Amiga 1200, release date Decembre 2018

Download it for free here

Day one (album “economia complaintes cybernétiques”, 2008)

Download it for free here

day one (2008) par Jess The Wet Machine
Watch this video on YouTube.
i use an extention wich protect your privacy

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