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Put a spectrum analyzer into your video (without After effect) on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Sierra, High Sierra & Mojave

Create an effect of a spectrum analyzer into a video, without After effect that is an expensive software. Like on this one : … Just download this software : Make such a video just takes a couple of minutes. 🙂 Going Further : If you’re smart enough, you can even put that video into an… Read more »

A journey through Icaros (with update process)

Do you want to know all what Icaros can give you ? Today is a journey trhough the last 2.2.5 version of Icaros, that was released on 2018.12.21, just for Christmas. As always, it is the best version of this distribution.   Recalls   Icaros is a distribution of AROS. AROS is a reimplementation of… Read more »

Install Amiga OS for your real Amiga using FS-UAE on linux ubuntu (how to access your FFS flash card on linux)

This article explains my way to install Amiga OS using FS-UAE under linux ubuntu. How to access you FFS FD flash card under linux How to delete the .uaem files written by fs-uae How to correct protection flags problems There are many tutorials explaining how to install Amiga OS on a real Amiga using WinUAE… Read more »

Listen and download for free “tu es si fragile” electro rock song

release date : August 2017 texts and production ideas : Syl music, voice, mix, production : Jess   Released in the year 2017 on the text of Syl and the music of jess the wet machine. It’s an electro rock pop song etheraen. I hope that I could include my influences like Steven Wilson, Massive… Read more »

Icaros desktop – install linux hosted version with hostbridge working on linux

Intro What a fantastic work from Paolo and AROS community. Now, the icaros desktop environement is available for everyone who likes to use it in hosted mode WITH the hostbridge option to allow host programs to be launched from inside icaros ! This is a FAAAST tuto for ubuntu 17.04 64 bits users : some… Read more »

DIY : transparently emulate an amiga on linux that boots fast (20s) like if you were on a real amiga

goal Having an emulated amiga 4000 (040+256Mb RAM) that launch itself without doing anything. Everyone seems to have some little emulated amiga, so here is my way. it allows me to test many things i couldn’t be able to test on my real amiga 1200. I like to do things by myself, and share my… Read more »