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Put a spectrum analyzer into your video (without After effect) on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Sierra, High Sierra & Mojave

Create an effect of a spectrum analyzer into a video, without After effect that is an expensive software. Like on this one : … Just download this software : Make such a video just takes a couple of minutes. 🙂 Going Further : If you’re smart enough, you can even put that video into an… Read more »

Fender Fuse on Mac OS X Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave troobleshooting

Why ? The installation of Fender Fuse on MAC is not a simple point and click game. Many steps must be followed. Many of us are not technicians. We are musicians ! Fortunately, i’ve some technical skills, so i can help. Nota : the images are in french, sorry, I don’t have *2* macs 🙂

video compilation n°1 on ableton live : the warp engine

Warp engine : The warp engine allow to puch the records on the desired tempo. It’s a very powerfull tool that works very well for electro music loops. I wanted to make a demo of its use, but ofcourse, there is a lot of good tutorials wich are very good. Here is the compilation. I’ll… Read more »