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A journey through Icaros (with update process)

Do you want to know all what Icaros can give you ? Today is a journey trhough the last 2.2.5 version of Icaros, that was released on 2018.12.21, just for Christmas. As always, it is the best version of this distribution.   Recalls   Icaros is a distribution of AROS. AROS is a reimplementation of… Read more »

Icaros troubleshooting (smb share with linux, protrekkr crash, surfing with OWB…)

What should i do after installing Icaros ? Protrekkr crash Icaros SMB share with linux A best surf with OWB This troubleshooting guide could be called “what should i do after installing Icaros 2.2.4 ? how do i make it work with the last ubuntu 2.2.4 ?” The troubles : 1) Protrekkr blank window crash… Read more »

janus-uae (Amibridge) blank/gray screen under icaros desktop

SymptOMS You are trying to launch janus-uae, like trying to configure Amibridge (like in this coherency guide : Janus-uae coherency guide), and janus-uae window stays gray / blank, it’s impossible to close the janus-uae window, and the “quit” button of the janus-uae configuration window does nothing ? Solution The solution is below, every article is… Read more »

Login to google with OWB Odyssey Web Browser on Icaros desktop

Symptoms It can be painfull to login to your gmail account, because google uses some kind of technolgy that can’t be handled by OWB. The login page loops without asking for the password. You are stuck on the login window. Solution You must spoof as Internet Explorer 10, so google login window gets down to… Read more »

Icaros desktop – install linux hosted version with hostbridge working on linux

Intro What a fantastic work from Paolo and AROS community. Now, the icaros desktop environement is available for everyone who likes to use it in hosted mode WITH the hostbridge option to allow host programs to be launched from inside icaros ! This is a FAAAST tuto for ubuntu 17.04 64 bits users : some… Read more »

icaros desktop – ZuneView, the modern pictures editing solution for AROS

Why ? Because i think that ICAROS has to be known ! because ZuneView is a modern and complete solution. Main Window : Some use and effects : Settings : Other effects and tools available : crop rotate (all way) flip (all directions) statistical filter convolution adding exif meta datas to the file support for PNG and… Read more »

Amicloud howto, review and links – when the cloud comes to AROS, icaros desktop, and amiga OS3.9 classic (and all others : windows/linux/mac/morphos/aos4…)

What is Amicloud, and why use it ? Hi, today an article on Amicloud. Amicloud is like dropbox, google drive, owncloud… is it a “cloud” solution. Many people say that “there is no cloud, but only another people’s computer”. They are half right. There is not only a server, but also a client software which… Read more »

icaros desktop – OWB Odyssey Web Browser : how to configure it for a confortable and stable surf time

Why taking so much care of OWB : OWB is a crucial but a little bit sensible application. I personnally find it very fast and usefull. I use it for webmailing, browsing my blog, going on,, etc… Most of all, it is becoming better and better at each new version. Links to refer… Read more »

icaros desktop – Amibridge – Janus-uae coherency guide

This applies to all version of Icaros starting from 1.5.2 What is coherency ? Cohenrency is a mode that exists only in Janus-UAE. It allows opening UAE windows directly on the top of Wanderer, as if they were normal programs, and not emulated. So the emulation is almost transparent for the user. Janus-UAE tip&tricks :… Read more »

troubleshooting icaros desktop SMB (samba – windows shares) crash “exec housekeeper”

The problem : After a fresh installation of icaros 2.1.0, 2.1.1, 2.1.2 or 2.1.3 and even icaros 2.2 (until 2.2.4), you try to mount a SMB (samba) share mount parameters on your ahci/sata/ata drive, and you get a crash. [Note : it can also come from the fact it is a guest only samba share… Read more »

reinstall grub 2 in IcAROS desktop

Reinstall grub2 if stuffs go wrong :   I had a problem this morning when booting my machine. Screen stayed blank at the first step of the boot, instead of displaying the grub screen. This comes from the dma on my computer. So I disabled dma with “nodma” option in grub, now. I don’t have… Read more »

mount an ISO file in IcAROS desktop

So you have an ISO file and want to access it without having to burn a DVD ? Here is what you have to do : – copy the file (iso) to the drawer “AROS:Diskimages” – rename it as Unit0 – add this into the file AROS:Devs/Mountlist ISO: FileSystem = cdrom.handler Device = fdsk.device Unit      … Read more »

icaros desktop tutorial

This article is there to help you understanding how to install / update the last official IcAROS release : IcAROS 1.5.2 WIP5, what it is made of, what you have to expect of it, and some workarounds on some issues. I am very happy to have downloaded it, and even if some stuffs don’t work… Read more »

install dopus on regular IcAROS desktop

Introduction :   Yepa, that’s fantastic : DOpus 5.9 has finally been released, 15 years after the 5.89. That’s really fantastic, and I can hear the sounds of many people saying, I want it running on my IcAros ! There are two main ways to get DOpus running on IcAROS : – Install DOpus… Read more »

share over the network between IcAROS desktop and Linux

Introduction :   Sharing files over the network is something like an obligation nowadays. I personnally don’t like Windows, so I won’t speak about this side. I prefer the dark side : linux, especially ubuntu (here 12.04LTS). Anyway, samba is samba, so it should work with every linux distrib. As we speak about computering @home,… Read more »

icaros desktop – playing with graphical modes inside IcAROS (VESA/native nouveau.hidd)

VESA : VESA is perfect for compatibility with ALL the gfx cards. For more informations about VESA : But it is slow, and Warp 3D is badly supported. Also, you can have problems changing graphical modes (need to restart the comp’), or even finding a mode that fits your needs and your screen (for… Read more »