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emulating Amiga OS 4.1 with fs-uae under linux – preparing the host – going further – conclusions and limitations

Why this tutorial ? I’ve seen many tutos on emulating Amiga OS 4 with WinUAE under Windows, but not under linux, which needs some preparation, the installation of dependencies, and the QEMU module. Thanks to Stéphane L. and Serge A. from the Facebook group “Amiga (only) pour toujours and beyond” for discussing around this subject…. Read more »

Icaros troubleshooting (smb share with linux, protrekkr crash, surfing with OWB…)

What should i do after installing Icaros ? Protrekkr crash Icaros SMB share with linux A best surf with OWB This troubleshooting guide could be called “what should i do after installing Icaros 2.2.4 ? how do i make it work with the last ubuntu 2.2.4 ?” The troubles : 1) Protrekkr blank window crash… Read more »

DIY : change the ubuntu boot and grub logos of llinux for the boing ball amiga logo

How to do without plymouth themes ? What are the good pictures resolutions ? I give you my own logo boing ball pictures On 16.04LTS, we can not use the old ways with plymouth manager softwares. We now need to change the logo by hands. This does this OS preparation Install the gimp sudo apt-get… Read more »

from discoveries to discoveries in music : my progressive rock playlist

I choosed 2 videos per band, selected by me, to help entering the universe of each artist/band, that i hope I will make you discover some of them. For me, it has always be marvelous journeys, for everyone of them. Let’s begin with my “progressive rock” playlist, to find there.

Fender Fuse on Mac OS X Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave troobleshooting

Why ? The installation of Fender Fuse on MAC is not a simple point and click game. Many steps must be followed. Many of us are not technicians. We are musicians ! Fortunately, i’ve some technical skills, so i can help. Nota : the images are in french, sorry, I don’t have *2* macs 🙂

icaros desktop – ZuneView, the modern pictures editing solution for AROS

Why ? Because i think that ICAROS has to be known ! because ZuneView is a modern and complete solution. Main Window : Some use and effects : Settings : Other effects and tools available : crop rotate (all way) flip (all directions) statistical filter convolution adding exif meta datas to the file support for PNG and… Read more »

icaros desktop – Amibridge – Janus-uae coherency guide

This applies to all version of Icaros starting from 1.5.2 What is coherency ? Cohenrency is a mode that exists only in Janus-UAE. It allows opening UAE windows directly on the top of Wanderer, as if they were normal programs, and not emulated. So the emulation is almost transparent for the user. Janus-UAE tip&tricks :… Read more »