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Install Amiga OS for your real Amiga using FS-UAE on linux ubuntu (how to access your FFS flash card on linux)

This article explains my way to install Amiga OS using FS-UAE under linux ubuntu. How to access you FFS FD flash card under linux How to delete the .uaem files written by fs-uae How to correct protection flags problems There are many tutorials explaining how to install Amiga OS on a real Amiga using WinUAE… Read more »

amiga OS 3.9 – how to install SmartFileSystem – large HD support

Today an article on how to install SmartFileSystem on Amiga OS 3.9. There is also a part on migration to SFS for the one who want their entire OS hard drive booting directly in SFS. Why ? FFS is “Fast File System” SFS is “Smart File System” With FFS : I’ve been more than once… Read more »

some photos of my Flash disk as HD Drive & HxC Slim FD Drive emulator

Hi folks, This time just some photos, that could help you to get your Flash Disk and your HxC drive emulator work in your A1200. -First attempt : i’ve connected the Flash drive in the wrong orientation -> don’t work ! 🙂 -Second attempt : after returning the flash drive cable, it worked perfectly. So,… Read more »