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ethical home studio – being an ethical musician, ecological and social – Chapter 4 – our false uses as musicians

Play with your own instrument at the concert

concert live en 2013 aux Studio Décanis
concert live en 2013 aux Studio Décanis

This seems completely weird not to play with your instrument, and I understand this.

But, do you really need ALL your gears ?

Imagine you are a drummer in a band (I can, I am one). What do you really need : your sticks, your snare, your ride, your foot pedal ?

It can enter in a back bag, and if we add the guitar, the bass, and some multi-effects, it can enter in a single car, in a single trip. But you do it with 2 or 3 cars, or 2 or 3 trips, using gas, and putting yourself in traffic jams. Do you really need your own lights ? Your bass drum ? All your toms, mics feet, audio amplification, … ? The question is the same as for rehearsals. Does everyone really need to get to the rehearsal by itself, with its own car.  

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ethical home studio – being an ethical musician, ecological and social – Chapter 3 – our false uses of our computers and softwares

Use Windows and Mac OS


I know, Windows and Mac OS are there. They take all the place, everyone uses them.

And, most of the time, they make work our prefered softwares. It’s difficult to imagine that we may leave them.


Windows 10

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ethical home studio – being an ethical musician, ecological and social – Chapter 2 : our false uses of Internet

Listen to music in streaming

what an energy waste for a so bad listen quality !

and, you don’t own the musical object.

From a day to the next, if the website close, you lose all the music you payed can disapear.

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ethical home studio – being an ethical musician, ecological and social – Chapter 1 : Our false consumers uses

buy low prices instruments and gears and/or buy throuh central purchasing companies


I know, it’s difficult. Instruments are expensive.

We are musicians, and we got a home studio, so we have more than one : guitar, synthesizer, bass, rythm box… but do we master them all ?


Useless gears

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ethical home studio – being an ethical musician, ecological and social – Introduction : Why should we care ?

What is being an ethical musican ?

Why should we care ?

Can we make music respecting ethical values ?


This article is an introduction that wants to give us the consciousness that some things wich seems normal must be put in question, they are not that obvious finally.


The 3 key points of the ethical musician


IMHO, every musician who wants to be called “ethical”, must take care about those 3 aspects (no order) :

  1. Ecology
  2. Social impact
  3. private life respect and personal datas security

I must say that those 3 points are closely linked to each others.


The solutions to those problems pass through those 2 axes :

  • sobriety
  • adaptation to the context

Those solutions will be spoken about in a second article, where i list advices that i have found all along the years in the ethical domain, and the “other ways” to act, instead of doing “what is told to us in the way this is told to us


So questions are :

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last part of the Crying Chips Symphony – Chap 2 Part 3

For this 20th anniversary of the techno parade and in honor of the love party !

For the one who love 4 tracks/8 bits and chiptunes music. Here it is, the is the last past. After 9 month of work since the first module (but not 100% as i have other projects), and my decision to release a symphonic piece, i’m almost at the end of the journey. This time i give you a “trance techno and chill” module. In fact, i get yout on orbit, and i make you fly.

Still composed on an Amiga 1200, a 35 years old machine, with its own sound, and this ‘oldy’ style, but with so much personality that i love.

  • 4 tracks
  • 8 bits sounds
  • limitations like rails

Here is the video Crying Chips Chap 2 Part 3, chiptune music:

electronic serie of protracker modules chipmusic chiptunes made on an Amiga 1200, release dates 2017-2018

if you’re interested in chip music, you should visit [my chipmusic dedicated website]

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new part of the “Crying Chips Symphony”

Next part in only some days !


I’m realising this Symphony with only 4 tracks and sounds in 8 & 16 bits.

For the moment, there are 4 parts of 2 minutes each. Next, it will be time to put everything together, to make the entire creation of 12 minutes (or more, depends on my mood).

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electronic serie of protracker modules chipmusic chiptunes made on an Amiga 1200, release dates 2017-2018

if you’re interested in chip music, you should visit [my chipmusic dedicated website]

Watch the playlist :

There are the different videos of this symphony, in a playlist. You can listen them one after one, or independently. I’ll realize a complete version in some time. :

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kickstarter for the album release of “degoreland le pire 20 ans après” – my first punk band

Degoreland has been my first try in the world of on scene music (i was already trying electronic music through the amiga scene at that time). Quality french punk with nice poetic texts.

Steve (with the collaboration of all degoreland members) released a compilation of the best songs.

Official released date (if the kickstarter goes ok) : Feb, 17, 2018

Click here to give us : Links to the kickstarter

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from discoveries to discoveries in music : my progressive rock playlist

I choosed 2 videos per band, selected by me, to help entering the universe of each artist/band, that i hope I will make you discover some of them. For me, it has always be marvelous journeys, for everyone of them.

Let’s begin with my “progressive rock” playlist, to find there.

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a new category on CAM

I’m opening a new section on my website that I’ve called soberly CAM.

Away for a few days, I was immersed in intense reflection when the routing audio and midi in my installation homestudio, and its sound. I am not satisfied with certain aspects, and I wanted to share with you my experience of home-studio because I have some knowledge in computer science, in sound (mixing and mastering) and then I have been very well documented on how to Promote an indie project.

I am in the case of many of us: I’m in an apartment, so with neighbors, and I have to show a lot of creativity to use fully my hardware (some of which are very original), in the best conditions , and for an optimal sound rendering.

The first article in this section tells you how to install “Fender Fuse” on your mac because it’s not a point and Click game !

French Version available.

Fender Fuse on Mac OS X Sierra and High Sierra troobleshooting

Why ?

The installation of Fender Fuse on MAC is not a simple point and click game. Many steps must be followed.

Many of us are not technicians. We are musicians !

Fortunately, i’ve some technical skills, so i can help.

Nota : the images are in french, sorry, I don’t have *2* macs 🙂

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Zikpot interview

my logo on Zikpot
je copie son contenu (merci au cache de google) ici, car le blog de ZikPot est HS. A noter que mon profil myspace n’existe plus, et que vous pourrez retrouver cette interview à cette adresse lorsque le blog sera rouvert : Continue reading

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Crying Chips – chiptune – chip music – protracker module on youtube

Chip music (not cheap music!) is a particular music style born in the 80’s/90’s with platforms like SID, amiga, and trackers on Amiga, atari, commodore 64… Here is a module of my own :

“Crying Chips”, Janvier 2017

Crying Chips chiptune (2017 – alpha version) protracker module par Jess The Wet Machine
Watch this video on YouTube.
i use an extention wich protect your privacy

excerpt of my new incoming song

marching on lullabies

remastered, reorchestred, remixed… in short, it’s really good.

the video :

Marching On Lullabies (2017) extrait par Jess The Wet Machine
Watch this video on YouTube.
i use an extention wich protect your privacy

my new bandcamp profile

I created it for those who prefer this platform. It will become my seel center for my future releases. Don’t be afraid, I won’t ask for the moon ! Here is the address : You can buy my last single there “tu es si fragile”. If you want to know more about it : Warning : the promotion time has ended !

video compilation n°1 on ableton live : the warp engine

Warp engine :

The warp engine allow to puch the records on the desired tempo. It’s a very powerfull tool that works very well for electro music loops. I wanted to make a demo of its use, but ofcourse, there is a lot of good tutorials wich are very good. Here is the compilation.

I’ll make mine (in french) on the specific case of a rock record with a fluctuant tempo, because it is very complex, actually, as it distort the sound.

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Listen and download for free “tu es si fragile” electro rock song

release date : August 2017

texts and production ideas : Syl

music, voice, mix, production : Jess


Released in the year 2017 on the text of Syl and the music of jess the wet machine. It’s an electro rock pop song etheraen. I hope that I could include my influences like Steven Wilson, Massive Attack, Depeche Mode…

Listen to the song :

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my new single “tu es si fragile” ready to be realised, an other one “phone calls” is on the way

Hi everyone, A big thanx for your patience. It’s been some monthes i’m working on this new single, but i’m lacking the time i would take for it. I also need to let the compos getting better, growing, and let them some weeks to listen to them again with a fresh hear.
it represents a tree with a city in the background
“tu es si fragile” logo
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creating video clips

Mein göt, how can i realise good video clips for youtube for free ?

I tried iMovie. Good for including a simple picture, if it is a good quality one, we can add transition, titles, and it is very simple to use… without ever making too much videos, in 2 hours it was done. But it is not going very far.

The best would be to use After Effects, but it is very expensive, and asks a lot of time to learn its use.

I musst then find something like it, an after effects like, free and open source, which works under mac os x and linux, because if work on those machines.

I’ve found that :

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day one online on youtube

i’ve just put the first song of the album “economia complaintes cybernétiques” released in 2008, online on youtube this is the song called “day one”, when the machine opens its eyes on the world   httpv:// Be kind, if you like the song, and wish to support me, like and share ! you can also write comments, there or on the youtube page. Thank’s !

my new single is incoming !

It is the product of a powerfull collaboration.

We can’t be better than being together, this is a master rule in music, and… in life.

I can’t tell much, but this is a good music compo electro-rock with poetic and politics texts.

renoise jouant mon nouveau single
l’écran renoise jouant la partie électro de mon nouveau single

I’m also preparing this output of this single on websites like Spotify, iTunes, Youtube… I hope you’ll like enough to help me and support me !

Stay tuned !