ethical home studio – being an ethical musician, ecological and social – Chapter 3 – our false uses of our computers and softwares

ethical home studio – being an ethical musician, ecological and social – Chapter 3 – our false uses of our computers and softwares

Use Windows and Mac OS


I know, Windows and Mac OS are there. They take all the place, everyone uses them.

And, most of the time, they make work our prefered softwares. It’s difficult to imagine that we may leave them.


Windows 10

Since Windows 10 has been released, Microsoft add functionalities every single month :
  • that are useless to most of the peoples (or to a little number. Not to me !),
  • are bad coded (with or without a willing to)
  • that are more and more energy wasting (on my computer, and I did not ask for anything).
  Getting from Windows 7 to 10 is almost an obligation (I’m a network engineer, i know what i’m speaking about).  

Windows 10 updates come very often, and are less and less stables (fx in french, and ofcourse it is not possible to stop them completely.

After some ones, some softwares and drivers simply stopped to work, sometimes, it was a complete computer !


Mac OS X


This is the same for MAC OS X. Every single update makes the system heavier, some softwares did stop to work from the day to the other.


And what about your DAW ? Should we always buy new versions, because your OS did update without your consent ?


Planified Obsolescence


And what about your computer ?

This bad coded OS and softwares take us to bad computer performances, when it is not simply harm it with the time. You then need to change of computer more often.

It is called : “planified obsolescence”, and this one is hidden.




Microsoft and Apple analyze your uses, using the assistants googleok google” and apple with Siri, to be able to make profiles for advertisements and politics.

Google’s assistant “Google Home” is always listening to you, is not, how could it answer to the question “ok google” if it was not ?

Didn’t you find strange to get an advertisement for something you were speaking about with your girl/boyfriend, and then remember you did let your phone just beside you ?


Updates : update your DAW regularly


Software Companies don’t have any choice : they sell or they die.

To do so, they must always invent new versions of their softwares.


But that do not mean “making it better” with a better code, to make it more efficient, elegant, light. That means :

  • add new functionnalities
  • and we do’t care about the programing. If it is too slow, the user will buy a more powerfull computer.

And there is the problem.

You did your music well before, with the last version of your DAW

You did update, your computer is slow, and then you thought to buy a new one.


You may read this article on the ecological cost of the making of a new computer (in french) :


Use LANDR to final mix your sound


LANDR servers use a lot of energy to treat the sound of everyone.

There is also the question of the “sound normalization“.

Until now, the sound of music changes because of the musical qualities of the music producers, musicians, mixers,

With this kind of platforms, the changes in the music world won’t come from man, and his hard work.


Where is the pleasure ? Where is the innovation ?


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