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Put a spectrum analyzer into your video (without After effect) on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Sierra, High Sierra & Mojave

Create an effect of a spectrum analyzer into a video, without After effect that is an expensive software. Like on this one : … Just download this software : Make such a video just takes a couple of minutes. 🙂 Going Further : If you’re smart enough, you can even put that video into an… Read more »

emulating Amiga OS 4.1 with fs-uae under linux – networking and internet settings

How to set Amiga OS 4 network into fs-uae under linux Fs-uae and device preparation Your tutorial is following. It asks me a lot of work, so show me your support in registering. I’ll keep you informed about my musical news and the new tutos (less than a mail a month). Thank you ! Tadaaaaa !… Read more »

emulating Amiga OS 4.1 with fs-uae under linux – installation stage – all the steps

After booting from the installation DVD under fs-uae here is the first screen. Below are all the Amiga OS 4.1 installation stepds under fs-uae. It represents a lot of work. Show me your support in registering. I’ll keep you informed about the new tutorials and my musicl news (less than a mail a month). Thanx… Read more »

emulating Amiga OS 4.1 with fs-uae under linux – preparing the host – going further – conclusions and limitations

Why this tutorial ? I’ve seen many tutos on emulating Amiga OS 4 with WinUAE under Windows, but not under linux, which needs some preparation, the installation of dependencies, and the QEMU module. Thanks to StĂ©phane L. and Serge A. from the Facebook group “Amiga (only) pour toujours and beyond” for discussing around this subject…. Read more »

A journey through Icaros (with update process)

Do you want to know all what Icaros can give you ? Today is a journey trhough the last 2.2.5 version of Icaros, that was released on 2018.12.21, just for Christmas. As always, it is the best version of this distribution.   Recalls   Icaros is a distribution of AROS. AROS is a reimplementation of… Read more »

Premiere of the album Crying Chips Symphony, 2018 12 15 @ 10am

5 protracker modules entirely made on a real Amiga 1200, so with contraints like 4 tracks, 8 bits sounds. My Amiga 1200 is more than 20 years old, its processor is a Motorola 68030 at 30MHz, so we are really far from todays’s standards ! You must go on facebook and visit the event page… Read more »

ethical home studio – being an ethical musician, ecological and social – Introduction : Why should we care ?

What is being an ethical musican ? Why should we care ? Can we make music respecting ethical values ? Once, on a social network, a guy asked me : “being ecological playing a Dm ? lol”. The question has to be asked, yes.

Icaros troubleshooting (smb share with linux, protrekkr crash, surfing with OWB…)

What should i do after installing Icaros ? Protrekkr crash Icaros SMB share with linux A best surf with OWB This troubleshooting guide could be called “what should i do after installing Icaros 2.2.4 ? how do i make it work with the last ubuntu 2.2.4 ?” The troubles : 1) Protrekkr blank window crash… Read more »

press review of the punk rock album “le pire de degoreland”

Quick Recall : Degoreland was my first punk-rock band, where i was the drummer. We made a kickstarter in January 2018 to make a Compilation CD of the “worst of the best” of this master piece of the Marseille’s underground of this time. By nawakculture magazine, in french. You can read the article there :… Read more »

Install Amiga OS for your real Amiga using FS-UAE on linux ubuntu (how to access your FFS flash card on linux)

This article explains my way to install Amiga OS using FS-UAE under linux ubuntu. How to access you FFS FD flash card under linux How to delete the .uaem files written by fs-uae How to correct protection flags problems There are many tutorials explaining how to install Amiga OS on a real Amiga using WinUAE… Read more »

DIY : change the ubuntu boot and grub logos of llinux for the boing ball amiga logo

How to do without plymouth themes ? What are the good pictures resolutions ? I give you my own logo boing ball pictures On 16.04LTS, we can not use the old ways with plymouth manager softwares. We now need to change the logo by hands. This does this OS preparation Install the gimp sudo apt-get… Read more »

janus-uae (Amibridge) blank/gray screen under icaros desktop

SymptOMS You are trying to launch janus-uae, like trying to configure Amibridge (like in this coherency guide : Janus-uae coherency guide), and janus-uae window stays gray / blank, it’s impossible to close the janus-uae window, and the “quit” button of the janus-uae configuration window does nothing ? Solution The solution is below, every article is… Read more »

kickstarter for the album release of “degoreland le pire 20 ans après” – my first punk band

Degoreland has been my first try in the world of on scene music (i was already trying electronic music through the amiga scene at that time). Quality french punk with nice poetic texts. Steve (with the collaboration of all degoreland members) released a compilation of the best songs. Official released date (if the kickstarter goes… Read more »

Login to google with OWB Odyssey Web Browser on Icaros desktop

Symptoms It can be painfull to login to your gmail account, because google uses some kind of technolgy that can’t be handled by OWB. The login page loops without asking for the password. You are stuck on the login window. Solution You must spoof as Internet Explorer 10, so google login window gets down to… Read more »

from discoveries to discoveries in music : my progressive rock playlist

I choosed 2 videos per band, selected by me, to help entering the universe of each artist/band, that i hope I will make you discover some of them. For me, it has always be marvelous journeys, for everyone of them. Let’s begin with my “progressive rock” playlist, to find there.

a new category on CAM troobleshooting and tutorials

I’m opening a new section on my website that I’ve called soberly CAM. Away for a few days, I was immersed in intense reflection when the routing audio and midi in my installation homestudio, and its sound. I am not satisfied with certain aspects, and I wanted to share with you my experience of home-studio… Read more »

Fender Fuse on Mac OS X Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave troobleshooting

Why ? The installation of Fender Fuse on MAC is not a simple point and click game. Many steps must be followed. Many of us are not technicians. We are musicians ! Fortunately, i’ve some technical skills, so i can help. Nota : the images are in french, sorry, I don’t have *2* macs 🙂

Zikpot interview

je copie son contenu (merci au cache de google) ici, car le blog de ZikPot est HS. A noter que mon profil myspace n’existe plus, et que vous pourrez retrouver cette interview à cette adresse lorsque le blog sera rouvert :

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video compilation n°1 on ableton live : the warp engine

Warp engine : The warp engine allow to puch the records on the desired tempo. It’s a very powerfull tool that works very well for electro music loops. I wanted to make a demo of its use, but ofcourse, there is a lot of good tutorials wich are very good. Here is the compilation. I’ll… Read more »

Listen and download for free “tu es si fragile” electro rock song

release date : August 2017 texts and production ideas : Syl music, voice, mix, production : Jess   Released in the year 2017 on the text of Syl and the music of jess the wet machine. It’s an electro rock pop song etheraen. I hope that I could include my influences like Steven Wilson, Massive… Read more »

Icaros desktop – install linux hosted version with hostbridge working on linux

Intro What a fantastic work from Paolo and AROS community. Now, the icaros desktop environement is available for everyone who likes to use it in hosted mode WITH the hostbridge option to allow host programs to be launched from inside icaros ! This is a FAAAST tuto for ubuntu 17.04 64 bits users : some… Read more »

day one online on youtube

i’ve just put the first song of the album “economia complaintes cybernĂ©tiques” released in 2008, online on youtube this is the song called “day one”, when the machine opens its eyes on the world   httpv:// Be kind, if you like the song, and wish to support me, like and share ! you can also… Read more »