DIY : transparently emulate an amiga 4000 on ubuntu linux that boots like if you were on a real amiga (20s)

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DIY : transparently emulate an amiga 4000 on ubuntu linux that boots like if you were on a real amiga (20s)

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Having an emulated amiga 4000 (040+256Mb RAM) that launch itself without doing anything

everyone seems to have some little emulated amiga, so here is my way. it allows me to test many things i couldn’t be able to test on my real amiga 1200

i like to do things by myself, and share my knowledge with peoples, so this is manual configuration, from the installation of your OS to the end point

if you want to have an already configured solution, maybe it’s better for you to get Amikit or WinUAE, or Happiga (if you own a raspberry pi).

this amiga launch in less than 25s, but i think I can make it even faster

it boots up in 20s after some tweaking

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my X500 wonderfull case that hosts my emulated A4000

  • you need rom files and workbench files to be able to have an amiga running under an emulator
  • personnaly I have Amiga Forever 2010, so i have everything that I need.
  • a spare computer, with some good processor, some memory, and a nice case
  • personnaly, I have a celeron G1620 + 8Gb RAM + SSD 128Gb + a WONDERFULL X500 Plus amiga like case, perfect to host my emulated amiga
  • an iso file of ubuntu 16.04LTS or 12.04LTS


it uses fs-uae (which is now very fast if compared to itself 3 years ago – in 2013). it is better than wine+winuae now.

all those steps are made for ubuntu 16.04LTS

host OS install and configuration

YOUR TUTORIAL IS BELOW, remember it’s a huge work to write those tutorials, please show me your support in registering ! You will then access all the free downloads and all the tutorials.

still to come

more tweaking (splash screen, plymouth…)

splash screen and grub settings :

a little video ?

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3 Responses

  1. Fasih says:

    Great little guide on booting straight to FS-UAE. I don’t know if you have seen Amibian which is distribution for Rpi3 does the same with UAE4ALL2 so for not very much you can get a fully loaded RTG powered A4000 experience.

  2. Fasih says:

    Oh also for a moment I thought your screen was corrupted, then realised you had just tiled your background which was smaller than your desktop.

  3. jess says:

    Hi Fasih, and thanx for the comments. I know there is also Happiga, and amikit. Many solutions exist to emulate “quietly” an amiga. But I find them heavy and slow. This is just my DIY (Do It Yourself) solution 🙂
    Regarding the background, it is an original background coming from OS3.9 CD, and it is like that, it is not tiled.

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