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my emulated a4000 in its wonderfull X500+ amiga like case

My amiga 4000 : Handmade emulated amiga 4000 68060 8Mb Chip 1Gb FAST hosted in a wonderfull X500 plus Case ssd 128Gb, celeron G1620 2,7GHz, 8Gb RAM autostarting from scratch on ubuntu server 16.04 in 20s (faster than my real A1200!) fs-uae Amiga OS 3.9 BB4 The video : The tutorial : how to transparently…

my icaros box

/Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_073034.jpg

My icaros box Main config : DELL Optiplex 755 (Pentium D socket 775) 2Gb RAM DDR2 667MHz Intel 8169 chip related network card Nvidia quadro 380 Creative Audigy II sound card 80Gb 5400rpm sata HD The Gallery : Surfing the web with OWB in video : A very good AROS introduction video : Introduction to…