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my amiga 1200

amiga 1200 classic NOS ! I mostly make music and watch demos under WHDLoad. I also love tweaking my OS. Flash card 8Gb with AOS 3.9 Classic unofficial BB4 ACA1232 128Mo 030 – 33MHz – MMU (no FPU) + RTC module HxC FD drive emulator Indivision AGA MKII-cr Lyrah PS2 Keyboard adapter with a wonderfull…

amiga and icaros links

your page is missing ? contact me (leave a message in the bottom of the page) AROS : Support icaros desktop with your money on Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/icarosdesktop the main : http://aros.org main aros forum, very active : http://aros-exec.org/ http://aros.sourceforge.net/ : The main dev forum around AROS. It takes care of all ports & distributions. Ask…

migrating your amiga OS 3.9 from FFS to SFS on your A1200


Why ? FFS is “Fast File System” SFS is “Smart File System” With FFS : I’ve been more than once in front of the problem of partition validating for ages in cause of a crash when some writing was going. This is not so annoying when it is a FD that is 880Kb big, but…

demo time on my A1200

/Users/jess/Desktop/mon coin miga/IMG_20170302_075556.jpg

If there is something i have loved from the first second, and still LOOOOOVE to do, is watching demos. So let’s have some Groove, WHDLoaded OFCOZ ! : So now, a trip with Mikael Balle and Jesper Kyd :    

my amiga corner

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Welcome to my wonderfull Amiga Corner. So, let’s have a look : More photos on my icaros there : my icaros box More photos on my emulated A4000 + tuto there : my emulated amiga 4000 More photos of my A1200 there : my a1200 Some Goodies : my last D7 of my demo swapping period my…

what is the “Amiga” computer range ?

Amiga was a computer family which had its glory time in 1990’s. The name of the first designed amiga-machine was “Amiga 1000” or “A1000”. It included a 256Kb memory, 1 3,5″ disk drive, a desktop tower, a mouse and a keyboard. It could be linked to your tv screen. The “kickstart” (the main system software…