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You can find many more sounds (work, experimentations…) :

tu es si fragile, August 2017

text and prod ideas : Syl

music, voice, mix, and production : Jess

Realised in 2017 with the text of Syl and the music of Jess the wet machine. It’s an electro-rock pop aetherean, where I hope you will feel my influences like Steven Wilson, Massive Attack, Depeche Mode…

Download it for free here :

the machine and us, electro rock songs, 2011

compo, mixing, mastering, recording by jess the wet machine

we are killing our childs future. We know now the threats we are facing in cause of our way of life. composed and recorded with renoise and ableton live

Entrusting The song “entrusting” speaks about the trust we have in ourselves and *maybe* -I am just thinking- the need we can have to replace humans by computers in global decisions (do you remember the novel “the world of non-A” ?). The voices samples are taken from the film called “Wargames” from 1983.

Marchin on (lullabies) We are marching on the world that belongs to our childs. What do you think they will feel when they will see that we killed 80% of the animal species and made the poles melt out in just decades ?

My work for theatre from 1999 to 2002

Manifeste Rien is a theatre band where i used to make the sound background, sound effects and music. cold and sometimes heavy music with the warm voices of the actors, on poetic texts.

texts : Jérémy Beschon, voices/actors : Virginie Aimone & Franck Vrahides, compos/electronics : Jess the wet machine composed and recorded with an Amiga A2000 and a mac with Protools

an electro metal experimentation, 2006

with Dylan playing guitars, jess the wet machine for electro compo and mixing composed and recorded with an Amiga A4000 and a mac with Protools

album : economia – complaintes cybernétiques (2008, electronics)

free for listening and downloading. those pieces of music tell about an antropomorphic machine, that born, live, cry and die, and, by the way, tell about the nature of the world we are living in, this world that we made mechanical… like us. composed with renoise.

You can find many more sounds (work, experimentations…) :

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