free electro rock samples and loops to download for free

free electro rock samples and loops to download for free

Loops you can use “as-is” or to integrate into your music, videos, …

Caracteristics :

  • format : wav
  • quality : 16 bits / 48khz

How to :

  1. You must register on my website (free), and credit me in the credits of your creations
  2. Contact me by email, or let a comment below in the botoom of this page to keep my informed of all upload on internet, or on every other media
  3. It’s forbidden to use my loops/samples in messages that are illegal, diffamatory, sexist, or criminal, or making an apology of violence, of a religion, or any other message that is immoral
  4. apart point 1, 2, and 3 you are completely free of your style, support, media, etc…
  5. if you need modifications on the loops (tempo, rythmics, etc…), i would be happy to begin a collaboration with you. Please contact me below in the comments part of the page.

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Electro rock loops to download for free

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