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last part of the Crying Chips Symphony – Chap 2 Part 3

For this 20th anniversary of the techno parade and in honor of the love party !

For the one who love 4 tracks/8 bits and chiptunes music. Here it is, the is the last past. After 9 month of work since the first module (but not 100% as i have other projects), and my decision to release a symphonic piece, i’m almost at the end of the journey. This time i give you a “trance techno and chill” module. In fact, i get yout on orbit, and i make you fly.

Still composed on an Amiga 1200, a 35 years old machine, with its own sound, and this ‘oldy’ style, but with so much personality that i love.

  • 4 tracks
  • 8 bits sounds
  • limitations like rails

Here is the video Crying Chips Chap 2 Part 3:


Nest step will be to put everything together to make the entire symphony. Work has already began. I reorchestrate everything to listen to all your different comments you gave me (good AND bad).

Click here to get to the playlist to listen all the parts one after one

Thanks :

Ofcourse, i warmly thank all the members of “Amiga forever and beyond” facebook group, who follows me and help in this adventure.

my new bandcamp profile

I created it for those who prefer this platform. It will become my seel center for my future releases. Don’t be afraid, I won’t ask for the moon ! Here is the address : You can buy my last single there “tu es si fragile”. If you want to know more about it : Warning : the promotion time has ended !