new part of the “Crying Chips Symphony”

Next part in only some days !


I’m realising this Symphony with only 4 tracks and sounds in 8 & 16 bits.

For the moment, there are 4 parts of 2 minutes each. Next, it will be time to put everything together, to make the entire creation of 12 minutes (or more, depends on my mood).

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There are the different videos of this symphony, in a playlist. You can listen them one after one, or independentaly. I’ll realize a complete version in some time. :


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You can download MOD file at this adress  : #amiga #protracker #chipmusic


kickstarter for the album release of “degoreland le pire 20 ans après” – my first punk band

Degoreland has been my first try in the world of on scene music (i was already trying electronic music through the amiga scene at that time). Quality french punk with nice poetic texts.

Steve (with the collaboration of all degoreland members) released a compilation of the best songs.

Official released date (if the kickstarter goes ok) : Feb, 17, 2018

Click here to give us : Links to the kickstarter

With the song “Et j’attends”, 20 years after, you can listen to there (click to play) :

! New 2018 01 28 !

Un nouvel extrait en écoute “Le cirque”

Nouveaux extraits le 9/02

You can contribuate to this CD like this :

  • 5e for the mp3 version
  • 10e for the CD version

Production, mastering by Steve.

TV Show

Kickstarter description

Here is an excerpt of the kisckstarter description (written by Steve – in french) :

Degoreland était un groupe de punk rock underground marseillais dans tous les sens du terme. Nous étions de jeunes musiciens avec une cave et l’envie de jouer. Nous avons acheté nos instruments , appris à jouer et enregistrer ensemble. Cela a duré de 1995 à 1998 d’abord à 4 puis en trio, puis en duo… Jérémy a poursuivi dans l’écriture et le théâtre, Jess fait de la musique électronique, Alain joue peut être encore pour son plaisir personnel, mystère ? J’ai poursuivi l’aventure avec Ecran Total et maintenant Shun & his happy Family.

Lire la suite (…)

Le cd ne verra le jour que grâce à vous, j’ai engagé du temps pour faire le mastering, numérisation des k7, DAT et autres supports d’époque, j’ai également payé un graphiste pour réaliser la pochette et contacté les anciens membres pour participer à l’aventure ! Sans subvention, sans buzz, je n’ai jamais eu de succès commercial mais une vague reconnaissance de la critique musicale indépendante, celle qui va dans les concerts et qui voit les groupes en vrai. Je fais cela pour ceux qui sont restés mes potes et comme témoignage socio historique de la vitalité de la scène underground marseillaise.

a new category on CAM

I’m opening a new section on my website that I’ve called soberly CAM.

Away for a few days, I was immersed in intense reflection when the routing audio and midi in my installation homestudio, and its sound. I am not satisfied with certain aspects, and I wanted to share with you my experience of home-studio because I have some knowledge in computer science, in sound (mixing and mastering) and then I have been very well documented on how to Promote an indie project.

I am in the case of many of us: I’m in an apartment, so with neighbors, and I have to show a lot of creativity to use fully my hardware (some of which are very original), in the best conditions , and for an optimal sound rendering.

The first article in this section tells you how to install “Fender Fuse” on your mac because it’s not a point and Click game !

French Version available.

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Crying Chips – chiptune – chip music – protracker module on youtube

Chip music (not cheap music!) is a particular music style born in the 80’s/90’s with platforms like SID, amiga, and trackers on Amiga, atari, commodore 64… Here is a module of my own :

“Crying Chips”, Janvier 2017

Listen and download for free “tu es si fragile” electro rock song

release date : August 2017

texts and production ideas : Syl

music, voice, mix, production : Jess


Released in the year 2017 on the text of Syl and the music of jess the wet machine. It’s an electro rock pop song etheraen. I hope that I could include my influences like Steven Wilson, Massive Attack, Depeche Mode…

Listen to the song :

Download it for free there :

Thanks for the like that will allow us to stay in contact. Please like our facebook page to download the song for free :

Promotion time has ended on 10/01/2017. If you want to download it, you now have to buy it (1e) at this adress :

Video :

my youtube channel :

Text :

tu es si fragile tu tremble tout vacille

tout n’est que combat dans ce monde qui brille

la vie qui t’habille de son manteau de peau

comment ne pas être hostile ne pas tomber de haut

laisser tes oripeaux toutes tes cédilles

revenir à zéro comme un enfant agile

tout est si fragile tout tremble tout vacille

tout n’est que combat dans ce monde qui brille

comme un héros sensible amours de pacotille

dès l’origine se battre pour avancer

et trouver l’équilibre fragile

revenir aux racines respirer et rêver

être un enfant dans ce monde qui brille d’un éclat si futile

revenir aux racines


les fumées de la ville dans la lumière vacillent

continuer dans ces vaines et sublimes vallées

à marcher à marcher

tu es si fragile tout tremble tout vacille

tu es si fragile tu tremble et tout vacille

tout n’est que combat dans ce monde qui brille

comme un enfant fragile ma volonté décline

fatigué de grimper les ultimes collines

tout est si fragile tout tremble tout vacille

tout n’est que combat dans ce monde qui brille

tu es si fragile

my new single “tu es si fragile” ready to be realised, an other one “phone calls” is on the way

Hi everyone, A big thanx for your patience. It’s been some monthes i’m working on this new single, but i’m lacking the time i would take for it. I also need to let the compos getting better, growing, and let them some weeks to listen to them again with a fresh hear.
it represents a tree with a city in the background
“tu es si fragile” logo
This song will be pop-rock/progressive, and I hope tainted by those music I love : Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree, Depeche Mode, … I’m also working on an other song, more eletronical. It’s called “phone calls”. I already realeased a version of it on “amiga protracker”. I’m now working on the details under Live and Renoise. So, News will come, stay tuned !

day one online on youtube

i’ve just put the first song of the album “economia complaintes cybernétiques” released in 2008, online on youtube this is the song called “day one”, when the machine opens its eyes on the world   Be kind, if you like the song, and wish to support me, like and share ! you can also write comments, there or on the youtube page. Thank’s !

my new single is incoming !

It is the product of a powerfull collaboration.

We can’t be better than being together, this is a master rule in music, and… in life.

I can’t tell much, but this is a good music compo electro-rock with poetic and politics texts.

renoise jouant mon nouveau single
l’écran renoise jouant la partie électro de mon nouveau single

I’m also preparing this output of this single on websites like Spotify, iTunes, Youtube… I hope you’ll like enough to help me and support me !

Stay tuned !