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Fender Fuse on Mac OS X Sierra and High Sierra troobleshooting

Why ?

The installation of Fender Fuse on MAC is not a simple point and click game. Many steps must be followed.

Many of us are not technicians. We are musicians !

Fortunately, i’ve some technical skills, so i can help.

Nota : the images are in french, sorry, I don’t have *2* macs 🙂


I was trying to install Fender Fuse drivers to be able to use my Fender GDEC30 in Abelton Live on my mac book pro (I was on windows before, the installation was without any problem…).

I also wanted to access the DSP management functions, which are very important when you begin to seriously use this hardware.

But what ? The installation process is full of errors ! Impossible to install it… Impossible ? Noooo….

Les différentes erreurs rencontrées et leurs solutions :

  • “Unidentified developper” error
  • “The operation could not be (OSS Status erreur -67071)” when installing Mono Framework
  • And the last : the soft get stuck on “Loading. Please wait…” page, even if we think that it has been correctly installed

The complete tutorial is below, it’s a big work for me, please register !

Fender Fuse gets stuck :

Now you have this window when you launch Fender Fuse. Fender Fuse gets stuck on the loading page.

Fender Fuse gets stuck ont eh loading page “Loading. Please Wait…”

When you launch Fender Fuse, you get stuck on the loading page “Loading. Please Wait…”. You can just close it.

The problem comes from the Silverlight version that is installed. To resolves this issue, you must update it.

The solution follows, it’s a hard work for me, please show me your support and like my page !


video compilation n°1 on ableton live : the warp engine

Warp engine :

The warp engine allow to puch the records on the desired tempo. It’s a very powerfull tool that works very well for electro music loops. I wanted to make a demo of its use, but ofcourse, there is a lot of good tutorials wich are very good. Here is the compilation.

I’ll make mine (in french) on the specific case of a rock record with a fluctuant tempo, because it is very complex, actually, as it distort the sound.

The video selection is below, become a member now and get free access to exclusive content !

Official tuto :

On ableton live web site :

Video N°1 : Warp with playing with track whole tempo

This is a very short video wich allows to understand the basic concept of warping (what it is for). It works very well for electro track with rigid tempo.

Video n°2 : Warping Full tracks

This one is pretty complete. It’s around a simple electro track using the concept of manual warping, to push the bass drums on the mesure bars. Use of the Live parameters to make the warp transparent and simple. Works very well for electro tracks where tempo is constant.

Video n°3 : another way to use the warp

This way is fast and efficient, but works only on electro tracks with rigid tempo.