new part of the “Crying Chips Symphony”

new part of the “Crying Chips Symphony”

Next part in only some days !


I’m realising this Symphony with only 4 tracks and sounds in 8 & 16 bits.

For the moment, there are 4 parts of 2 minutes each. Next, it will be time to put everything together, to make the entire creation of 12 minutes (or more, depends on my mood).

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electronic serie of protracker modules chipmusic chiptunes made on an Amiga 1200, release dates 2017-2018

if you’re interested in chip music, you should visit [my chipmusic dedicated website]

Watch the playlist :

There are the different videos of this symphony, in a playlist. You can listen them one after one, or independently. I’ll realize a complete version in some time. :




Download :

You can download MOD file at this adress  :

Posted on: 13 September 2018jess

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