subscribe to my mailing list now !

subscribe to my mailing list now !

Why ?

I just added a new way of communicating with you: the possibility for you to subscribe to my mailing list.

It’s a softer form of communication, and a more direct link between us.

If you wish to discover, from time to time (may be once a month, but I can do more if you ask me), the latest news that I have included in my playlists, can follow not my progress in creating From my songs, that I tell you a few musical anecdotes, present or past, or an opinion on a concert, discover exclusive photos… all in the good mood, and without taking the head, and even from time to time With special special bonuses for registrants (free downloads), anyway, anything that a newsletter can offer us as possibilities… do not hesitate to register on my mailing list.


How to subscribe :

  • in the footer of all pages on this website, using this form :
  • on my facebook page at this adress :

if you are on Facebook, the tab is there

You must know that on Firefox (as a lot of promotion tools), it does not work.

  • So, if you are on Firefox, you can find the form at this adress :

 Posted on: 12 October 2017jess

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