Install Amiga OS for your real Amiga using FS-UAE on linux ubuntu (how to access your FFS flash card on linux)

This article explains my way to install Amiga OS using FS-UAE under linux ubuntu. How to access you FFS FD flash card under linux How to delete the .uaem files written by fs-uae How to correct protection flags problems There are many tutorials explaining how to install Amiga OS on

Zikpot interview

je copie son contenu (merci au cache de google) ici, car le blog de ZikPot est HS. A noter que mon profil myspace n’existe plus, et que vous pourrez retrouver cette interview à cette adresse lorsque le blog sera rouvert :

Icaros desktop – install linux hosted version with hostbridge working on linux

Contents1 Intro2 Get icaros3 prepare the environement3.0.1 THE LIBRAIRIES JUST BELOW, PLEASE REGISTER TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT. You will then be able to access all the tutorials, and all the free downloads !4 Know the name of your network interface5 configure AROS6 First launch7 Exit icaros8 External informations/planning Intro What