video compilation n°1 on ableton live : the warp engine

Warp engine :

The warp engine allow to puch the records on the desired tempo. It’s a very powerfull tool that works very well for electro music loops. I wanted to make a demo of its use, but ofcourse, there is a lot of good tutorials wich are very good. Here is the compilation.

I’ll make mine (in french) on the specific case of a rock record with a fluctuant tempo, because it is very complex, actually, as it distort the sound.


Official tuto :

On ableton live web site :

Video N°1 : Warp with playing with track whole tempo

This is a very short video wich allows to understand the basic concept of warping (what it is for). It works very well for electro track with rigid tempo.

Video n°2 : Warping Full tracks

This one is pretty complete. It’s around a simple electro track using the concept of manual warping, to push the bass drums on the mesure bars. Use of the Live parameters to make the warp transparent and simple. Works very well for electro tracks where tempo is constant.

Video n°3 : another way to use the warp

This way is fast and efficient, but works only on electro tracks with rigid tempo.


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