amiga 1200 classic NOS !

I mostly make music and watch demos under WHDLoad. I also love tweaking my OS.
  • Flash card 8Gb with AOS 3.9 Classic unofficial BB4
  • ACA1232 128Mo 030 – 33MHz – MMU (no FPU) + RTC module
  • HxC FD drive emulator
  • Indivision AGA MKII-cr
  • Lyrah PS2 Keyboard adapter with a wonderfull GATEWAY 102 keys keyboard
  • RapidRoad USB TTVF3
  • Easynet pcmcia ETH card
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What for the future ?

4 IDE ?

a tower ?

a PCI extension ?

a graphic card ?

an other sound card ?

Beta testerbetween 2011 and 2017, my config varies. I usually install the last experimental version given by Paolo Besser.

If you want some pieces of advices on installation, you can read this post :

or refer to this section of my blog :

Some nice photos of the use :

And to look at it in my amiga corner :